Adaptable Jacket - JnK Collective
Adaptable Jacket - JnK Equestrian
Adaptable Jacket - JnK Equestrian
Adaptable Jacket - JnK Equestrian

Adaptable Jacket

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Our JNK Collective Jacket was designed so that you only need to purchase one jacket. Our jacket has 4 different ways to wear it.


2 zip up pockets on the outside

1 zip up pocket in the inside

Detachable skirt

Detachable Fur

Detachable Hood

Zip Mesh under your arms

Zip covers on the end of all zips

Button up material to cover the zip

Cuffs in the Sleeves

Water resistant 

Whether you like a short or long jacket, our jacket will keep you warm and dry throughout the year.

Our jacket can be worn as a long or a short jacket. Our long jacket is designed to be worn while you are riding to protect your leg on those cold or wet day. You can unzip the skirt and lay it over your legs as well as your saddle to protect it from any weather. The fur can be detached off your hood or detach the entire hood to suit what you like. With zip up mesh under your arms you can either zip it up for extra warmth or have it unzipped for some extra airflow. With two zip up pockets on the outside and one pocket on the inside you can ensure that nothing will be able to fall out while you get on with your day.

All Zips on the jacket and the skirt have zip covers to protect yourself and your saddle from being scratched or rubbed throughout the day.

*Here at JnK Collective we very rarely restock the exact same product. If you miss out on this product you may never have another chance to get one the same.

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